Bubble Soccer Scotland FAQ's

Below we have composed a list of our most frequently asked questions.


Bubble Soccer Scotland FAQ's

Q. Do we play bubble football the whole time or are there other games we can play?

A. Yes of course our sessions mainly consist of multiple 10 minute bubble football games then towards the end we can mix it up with bubble bulldog, last one standing + many more. If you would prefer more of the games than football simply let the event host know.

Q. How many bubbles does our group receive?

A. All groups receive 10 bubbles, for groups larger than 10 we incorporate a rolling subs format or split groups into more than 2 teams.

Q. Do you have a member of staff on duty during the event?

A. Yes a trained member of staff will give the group a short safety briefing & host the session from start to finish.

Q. Can we bring more players on the day than we initially booked for?

A. Yes, they are simply added to your remaining balance.

Q. Can you bring the equipment to us?

A. Yes this happens a lot during summer months for weddings / gala days.

Q. Are there any height restrictions?

A. No, although all participants must be aged 8 years or over.

Q. What is the minimum age?

A. 8 Years Old.

Q. Can we book bubble football if we have less than 10 players?

A. Yes you can play with less than 10 however the minimum cost is based on 10 players.

Q. What clothes should we wear?

A. Exercise clothes & trainers recommended, something that keeps you cool.

Q. Is bubble football safe?

A. Yes completely safe, you are protected in a huge Zorb. However injuries can still occur as is the case with all sports.

Q. Do you offer any other activities?

A. Yes we have Goggle Football, Dodgeball & Sports Days available, send us a message for more information.

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